bringing good people together

bringing good people together

we're experts in what we do, so you can be experts in what you do

we're experts in what we do, so you can be experts in what you do

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We all know that the world of marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Businesses must find creative ways to sell their products and services, and consumers who demand great content and endless information are savvier than they’ve ever been. They want something that shines, that has that original, fresh spark, yet something they can also relate to. If they don't see anything worth looking at, they ignore it. And that's dangerous for business.

At 52 Beginnings Local Media, we support businesses with simplified advertising solutions allowing them the time to be industry experts in what they do.

We are passionate about connecting businesses to local residents with positive, family-friendly community publications that are perfectly aligned with geo-targeted display ads to create seamless top of mind awareness campaigns from Best Version Media. As a local publisher, I personally meet with all decision makers so together, we build the custom plan that is best for their business, budget, and to insure we are doing our best in setting them up for success to become household names and longtime business partners.

What we know matters, but how we work matters more!

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1. We create the digital ads similar to your approved print ad

2. We run and manage the campaign


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Simply put, life is just a series of experiences, some good and some, well not so good. And what we do, as a result, is up to each of us. This chapter of my life has presented an opportunity that I never would have ever dreamed about but makes perfect sense and clearly gives all those experiences a better meaning after all. I am able to help, give, grow, and continue to learn as I make a positive impact by simply doing what I have always done naturally. Building relationships, being a good listener, and giving people what they want or need, and quite often, they just want to be heard, and that's ok too. At the end of the day, it all works out exactly the way it's supposed to and I sleep well knowing I did my part. So now, I enjoy the ride and find inspiring people and credible businesses to share with the communities important to them. It really is about bringing good people together.





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My success is built on relationships that last over time because of my exceptional service and commitment to my clients success

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You and your business have a story. It deserves to be told. Your face, your image, and your messaging are what will draw in your ideal clients. Sit down with Brian + Lindsey and craft out a plan to create amazing images that will establish the know, like, and trust factors with your clients. The best part? Images that convert. Images that will show people the real you. Because customers want to know who they are buying from.

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Terri has spent 20+ years working in the live television industry and recently obtained her master’s degree in Administration Leadership. Her experience in the television industry provides her with a solid background in taking complex narratives and turning them into clear, concise, and entertaining content.


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